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CodewordDecipher the puzzle by adding letters to the grid to reveal words. Each number corresponds to a letter, so each placement is a clue to the rest of the puzzle. AARP Members, can you crack the code?Play Now
Daily Crossword
Daily CrosswordA crossword a day keeps the doctor away! Get your daily dose here. Beat today's puzzle? Go back and play another daily puzzle. This game qualifies for AARP Rewards points.Play Now
Centipede®Who will win - you or the centipede? Take aim with the bug blaster and show this critter who's the boss. It's the game for the ages -- no quarters necessary!Play Now
Canfield Solitaire
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Canfield SolitaireTest your Canfield skills, AARP Members. It's harder than other Solitaire games, but don't be discouraged. Work through the easy levels first, then move on to the harder ones. Victory is within reach!Play Now
SudokuAre you ready to play everyone’s favorite logic puzzle? Put on your Sudoku hat, use deductive reasoning, and search for patterns. Lean in and get ready for some challenging fun.Play Now
Jewel Shuffle
Jewel ShuffleMatch jewels of the same color in this decadent game. Swap adjacent gems to create links of three of a kind to clear them from the board. Create longer links to earn bonus points and unlock boosters.Play Now