NEW! Blockables
NEW! BlockablesIn this fun word game, try your best to find the phrase that wraps around the grid. Answer the color-coded crossword clues to fill in the letters, then figure out the final phrase. Preview this challenging game for a limited time!Play Now
Tournament Tuesdays
Tournament TuesdaysNow you can win up to $300 with AARP Games Tournament Tuesdays! Challenge your friends and see who comes out on top!Learn More
AARP SongTheme™
AARP SongTheme™AARP's SongTheme™ is a fun song-matching activity! Using the power of Spotify®, see how many songs you can match to a theme. Earn AARP Rewards points for submitting
3 songs successfully!
Play Now
Holiday Mahjongg Dimensions
Holiday Mahjongg DimensionsRudolph and mittens and snowflakes, oh my! Get in the holiday spirit with this holiday-themed Mahjongg Dimensions game. Match as many festive tiles as you can before times runs out!Play Now
Centipede®The classic bug-blasting game is back! Who will win - you or the centipede? Take aim and show the critter who's the boss.Play Now
Word Wipe
Word WipeWord Wipe is a game that challenges both vocabulary and strategic thinking. Earn AARP Rewards Points by playing — as many as 300 points a day if you're an AARP Member!Play Now