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Superstar 2015 Contest

Superstar Contest 2015

Jan. 5 – May 15, 2015

Enter AARP’s singing contest and compete for $5,000! No purchase necessary. See rules.

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You can play alone or compete live with fellow roulette players. Our online roulette game gives you the same casino sounds and action that you love in Las Vegas. The difference, you get to play our online roulette game from the comfort of your computer.
Game Rules To win at roulette, the player needs to predict where the ball will land after each spin. Players play against the house represented by the croupier, also called the dealer, who spins the roulette wheel and handles the wagers and payouts. The roulette wheel has two zeros and therefore 38 slots. Roulette Basics To place a bet, the player will click on the chip denomination ($1, $5, $25 or $100) in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. The player will then roll over the number or area (such as Odd, Even, Four Number Corner, Red or Black) on the roulette table where they wish to place their bet. Once the area has been clicked, the bet will be placed. To remove a placed bet, the player will click the Clear Bets button. To add a bet already placed on the table, the player must move the mouse over the area to highlight where they wish to add multiple chips and then click. Once the player is satisfied with the amount of the bet, they click the Spin button to begin the game. Inside bets One number straight up pays 35 to 1. Two numbers split bet pays 17 to 1. Three numbers street bet pays 11 to 1. Four numbers corner pays 8 to 1. Six numbers line bet pays 5 to 1. Outside bets Twelve numbers column pays 2 to 1. Twelves numbers dozen pays 2 to 1. Red or Black pays 1 to 1. Even or Odd pays 1 to 1. Low or High numbers pays 1 to 1.
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