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Superstar Contest 2015

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Dice Dice Baby
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Arrange the falling dice so that two 2s, three 3s, four 4s, five 5s, or six 6s are touching. Watch out for 1s! They will block your matches!
Game Rules As groups of dice fall, you can move them left and right with the arrow keys. You can also rotate them using the up and down arrow keys. The spacebar will drop the dice quickly. The objective is to make matches. To make a match, two 2s, three 3d, four 4s. five 5s, or six 6s need to touch. When a match is made the dice disappear from the board. 1s cannot be part of a match. They block the other dice and can only be removed from the board using bonus dice. To earn bonus dice, make matches using more than the necessary number of dice. At any time you can roll your bonus dice by clicking the "roll" button in the lower right or pressing the enter key.
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